Dear customers,

We are a family-run animal shelter that seeks to place as many of our animals into safe and loving homes. We hope you check out our selection of furry friends and visit our donation page. See you in the shelter soon!


BMH Animal Shelter


Animals Rescued



Leslie Ordinski

"I went to BMH shelter looking for a new pet to keep me company at home. Little did I know that I would find my new best friend, the sweetest little puppy on the planet!"

Peter Smith

“I was seeking a new kitten for my daughter for her birthday. I was looking at different breeders in the area when my friend referred me to BMH Shelter! I was able to find a kitten within a week who was in need of a good home, and my daughter loves her new kitten, Cupcake!”

Dr. John Stanley

"The staff was very professional and helpful when I picked out my new puppy!”

Emily Tittle

"When I learned that my pet-to-be, Goldy the goldfish, had been adopted by another pet lover, my heart broke. The staff was there to comfort me and help me pick out a different pet: Foxy the fox!"